Top 5 Matty’s HOT AF picks

Hey Matty gang! We know you already love our hot chicken, but did you know that we are so much more than that? No? Let us properly introduce you to some of our favourite menu items, so you can decide what your next meal will be when you come for a visit!

The Big Matt

Our chicken sandos are pretty hefty, but none of them is a match for our Big Matt! If you step through our doors to eat, you better have a big appetite! The Big Matt is what the name suggests; this big boy comes with down south style chicken, pimento cheese, smoky bacon, Matty’s Sauce, Iceberg, and last but not least, it is topped; with our famous house pickles! You might want to come in your stretchy pants if you plan on finishing this guy off!

The B.A.T. Outta Hell

Are you looking for something with a kick? You are going to want to try out the B.A.T. Outta Hell! This spicy sando comes with Damn Hot Chicken, vine-ripe tomato, smoky bacon, crispy avocado, iceberg, old-fashioned mayo, and house sriracha. Pro-tip, ask if we can make your sando with our Hot AF sauce if you like it extra spicy, Matty gang!

Jalapeño & Cheddar Cornbread

This is not your regular run-of-the-mill cornbread, guys! We have taken this southern delicacy and made it our own! Our cornbread is cast iron baked with whipped honey butter, jalapeños, and cheddar! It is sweet and cheesy, and the added jalapeños add some extra Flava Flav! The cornbread is a primo side option on our menu and can be swapped with any of our regular side piece options when you order your hot chicken just for yourself or for you and the entire crew!


One of the best parts of coming to Matty’s is that we sell all our in-house sauces in bottles to be used at home whenever you want, and however, you want to use them! Our bottled sauces are perfect to have on hand in your fridge in case; you need something on the side to take your dining experience to the next level! Ask one of our staff members to add it to your order, and remember, get sauced (responsibly), Matty gang!

Check out our sauces in the “Extras” section of our menu!

Crispy Avocado Cobb Salad

Greens are not our main thing here at Matty’s, but we can appreciate those who appreciate a good salad option every once in a while, and our crispy avocado cobb salad is the perfect summer salad. It comes with smoked bacon, crispy fried avocado, white cheddar, green goddess dressing, vine-ripe tomato, roasted corn, hickory sticks, red onion, and iceberg! If you want to add some extra protein to your salad, you have the option to add white or dark meat at your preferred spice level!

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